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The Rise school is a very unique program for many reasons, some of which are:

How to Make a Donation to Rise

You can make a donation to Rise in two ways.

• Send a check  to the Rise Program and send it to Box 879305,Tucaloosa, Alabama, 35487.

• Click HERE to make an online gift to the RISE program

• Longevity, the Rise school opened on October 1, 1974 and has served thousands of young children and their families. The success of the initial children served has proven that the model works with most graduates gainfully employed and valued in their work place.
• Standards, the Rise school is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (only 7% of programs nation-wide achieve this status)
• Facilities, the Stallings Center is one of the most unique facilities designed to serve young children, meet all ADA standards and serve as tribute to Coach Gene Stallings accomplishments and to honor his son Johnny. The design of the classrooms, the commons and the playground are unparalleled at the national level.
• Inclusiveness, the Rise school maintains a 50:50 ratio of children with and without special needs, creating the optimum learning culture for all young children. The success of this ratio is well documented and Rise is considered a natural learning environment for all young children. The proof of this success is the length of the waiting list for families of children who do not have special needs.
• Personnel, the teachers at Rise hold master’s degrees and the majority of the teacher assistants have bachelor’s degrees. The program employs a full-time registered nurse and music therapist and contracts for  pediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
• Teacher/child ratios, the classrooms maintain ratios of 2:1 to 4:1 adult child ratios to insure that as many learning opportunities as possible are provided.
• Consistency, the Rise school is a year round program that children attend Monday through Friday from 8 am until 2:30 pm.
• Integrated therapy, an approach that has been proven to be most beneficial for children. Therapy is provided in the natural environment in which skills are performed and then replicated daily by the staff, making the therapy more successful for a child in a social and interactive environment.
• Curriculum, the Rise school has adopted the Creative Curriculum, the most successfully researched curriculum designed to meet the needs of all children in an integrated environment. The curriculum is user friendly and addresses all areas that are included in NAEYC standards and kindergarten classrooms.
• Higher Education Ownership, the Rise Program, as a part of The University of Alabama, assists in meeting the mission of teaching, research and service. The school accommodates over 400 students each semester in a hands-on practicum or intern experience.
• Multiple funding sources, Rise has a program-driven budget that includes multiple sources of funding from public and private sectors.
• Replicability, the program has been replicated in six sites in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. on the web describes the Rise schools in other states.

Special Programs at Rise

The Rise School has several internal programs that were privately funded and were designed to support the program and it’s graduates. These special programs include:

The Tree of Life Membership – with an initial and successful $3,000,000 campaign, the endowment continues to grow and funds many of the operating costs of the program as well as the therapies.

The Johnny Stallings Success Program – initially funded by memorials at the time of his death and enhanced by gifts from his father’s speaking engagements, the program funds employment opportunities for graduates and specialized equipment needed for young children with significant challenges.

The George Shirley Leadership Program – funded by memorials following Mr. Shirley’s death, the program provides assistance to University students who are Rise alumni.

The Allison Harbin Outstanding Teenage Volunteer Award – provides recognition to volunteers during the summers months. Allison, a Rise volunteer and daughter of Dr. Karl and Mary Jane Harbin, was killed when she was 16 years old.  The award is given to a teenager who emulates Allison’s enthusiasm and dedication to volunteering at Rise.

How to Make a Donation to Rise

You can make a donation to Rise in two ways.
• Send a check  to the Rise Program and send it to Box 879305,Tucaloosa, Alabama, 35487.
• Click HERE to make an online gift to the RISE program